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  • Federal Gov’t Properties Hit the Auction Block | Realtor Magazine

    The federal government is trying to unload some real estate, and your buyers can now start the bidding in online auctions on various government properties, including residential homes in sought-after areas.  GSA (the U.S.

  • Top reasons to sell home in winter | Inman News

    Aside from less competition, low borrowing costs give buyers incentive. We’re getting close to the end of the year, which begs the question of whether it’s worthwhile trying to sell your home now. Is it a waste of time? Will it sit on the market and become shopworn? Should I take my house off the […]

  • 3 Red Flags When Applying for a Mortgage | Realtor Magazine

    More lenders are scrutinizing mortgage applications since the financial crisis fallout, which has triggered fears of borrowers who will default or walk-away from their mortgage or mortgage fraud.  Here are the triggers that may cause the most lender scrutiny of loan applications, according to a recent article at The New York Times:  L

  • Home Values Flat in Third Quarter on Slow Road to Housing Market Bottom

    Despite recent economic turmoil, high levels of unemployment and dragging consumer confidence, U.S. home values performed better than expected this quarter, according to Zillow’s Q3 Real […]

  • Social Media and REALTORS®

    Although social media has rapidly penetrated market communications, the use of social media has not changed much between the 2010 and 2011 surveys. Read More…

  • Dual agency and double-dipping still risky business

    Beyond Dual Agency: Part 1. Despite more than two decades of tinkering with the laws, regulations, customs and practices governing Realtor-client relationships, real estate brokers still view agency issues as their single greatest potential legal liability. Realtor associations have lobbied for and won numerous changes to state laws and regulations, largely aimed at reducing their […]

  • Is NextDoor a Ground-Floor Opportunity to Own Your Neighborhood?

    It sometimes feels like a new social network launches every day. For the most part, I don’t see the advantage to most of them. However, one occasionally comes along that has immediately apparent benefits. Read More… By Todd Carpenter, Director of Digital Engagement, National Association of REALTORS® It sometimes feels like a new social […]