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  • Sales Tips from the Silver Screen

    4 Silver Screen Sales Tips

    I love movies, especially the high intensity action kind. One thing that I particularly like in movies is where you find a little gem that applies to life. Sometimes it’s just an offhand comment that sticks with me, other times it’s meant to be a moving moment. This infographic from Velocify takes some of those […]

  • Real Estate Tweets for Agents

    Real Estate Tweets

    Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents can be a scary morass of minefields to avoid. Many of the experts contradict themselves with do this, don’t do that advice. Sometimes it is about frequency of posts other times it’s about the type of content to post. Don’t be too “salesy”, don’t forget to promote yourself, […]

  • The Digital Homebuyer

    Do you know the digital homebuyer? Being a Digital Real Estate Marketing company we help many agents implement their real estate marketing strategies. One of the things that we emphasize is that the agent needs to know their target sphere. Is your target sphere super tech savvy? Are they foodies? Perhaps they like to go […]

  • Real Estate Content Marketing Sales Funnel

    Real Estate Sales Funnel

    Do you have a real estate content marketing strategy? Does it align with your real estate content marketing sales funnel? What does your Real Estate Content Marketing Sales Funnel look like? Aligning your real estate content marketing strategy with your sales funnel will help you generate and convert more real estate leads. This is how […]

  • 8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

    8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to avoid

    Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of any real estate marketing strategy. For real estate agents new to marketing on social media it can be a hot bed of traps and faux pas. The infographic below points out eight of the more obvious mistakes, like: Companies without a social media […]

  • A Snapshot of Home Buyers

    Snapshot of Home Buyers

    “Homeownership is still the cornerstone of the American Dream – a fact you can see in the lives of everyday folks.” – Julian Castro, Secretary for HUD How much do you know about Home Buyers? What is the average age of the first time buyer vs. repeat buyer? What are the income levels for each? […]

  • Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns

    Real Estate Drip Email Marketing

    Last year we added drip email campaigns to our Real Estate Email Marketing Platform. When we released this feature we hoped to see our real estate agents create some truly great drip email campaigns and we weren’t disappointed. We have seen offices and brokers use our real estate drip email campaigns to help in the […]

  • You are not in the business of buying and selling houses

    Not in the business of buying and selling homes

    Have you ever found yourself in the feast or famine cycle? Where you get so busy handling your existing buyers and sellers that you back off the marketing (feast). Then your buyers and sellers buy and sell leaving you with no customers and no income (famine). So you turn on the marketing again until you […]

  • Real Estate Action Items

    Real Estate Action Item

    One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Digital Home Info is a continuous improvement of our real estate marketing platform. We regularly add new features and enhance the existing features. With that in mind we are particularly pleased with our latest feature – Real Estate Action Items. This feature is available on all Digital Home […]

  • New Featured Listing File Upload

    Featured Listing

    This week we made a minor change in the Featured Listing image upload process. Our prior upload process seemed to be causing some trouble with customers using the Safari browser on an Apple computer. After some research we decided that it would be best to replace the upload process entirely. (it was getting a little […]