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  • Drag and Drop Email Designer

    Drag and Drop Email Designer

    Real Estate Drag and Drop Email Designer Last month we launched a new real estate drag and drop email designer for our customers to use when creating real estate email marketing campaigns. This new designer is all drag and drop based and has a number of unique widgets to make it easy for an agent […]

  • More Real Estate Email Marketing Benefits

    Real Estate Email Marketing

    Real Estate Email Marketing Email Marketing is one of the oldest and strongest forms of online marketing. For Real Estate Agents it has many benefits: 1) Targeted Marketing – using multiple lists or list segmentation you can target an email to a specific group of people like buyers, sellers or investors. This makes it easy […]

  • Real Estate Rules for Client Retention

    Here at Digital Home Info we focus on helping agents find leads and listings using our real estate marketing platform. The goal is to cultivate leads from your existing client base and generate new leads from the other real estate marketing technologies we provide (SMS Text Messaging, Email Marketing for Real Estate, Virtual Tours, Social […]

  • Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Email Marketing Open Rate

    Email Marketing Open Rate

    Open Rate is an interesting metric in the real estate email marketing world. Agents want as high an open rate as possible. While I tend to agree with that idea I also feel like just as much attention should be paid to conversion and lead generation with email marketing for realtors. Truth be told though […]

  • Real Estate Email Marketing Open Rates

    We are regularly asked about Real Estate Email Marketing Open Rates. We have had agents call us upset about an open rate of 70% (it was too low). We have agents tell us that they are going to remove everyone from their list that didn’t open their email (even though this was their first send) […]

  • Email Lists Every REALTOR Should Have

    Email List for REALTORS

    Email Marketing for REALTORS can be an overwhelming prospect and like many things if you overthink it, it will become so complicated that you just stop. That is why we recommend that our agents start with three email lists that target three core groups. Prospect Buyers, Prospective Sellers and a Monthly Newsletter email list. Prospective […]

  • 10 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate Blog Ideas

    Earlier this month we posted 4 Blog Tips for Real Estate so we thought that we would do a follow up and provide 10 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents this week. 1. List Post – List posts are great… because they work. Try creating a list of events in your area, great places […]

  • Is Email Marketing Dead?

    For years I have been hearing that email marketing is dead. Social Media, text messaging, mobile apps, etc… have all been touted as the email killer. The reality is that while Social Media, text messaging and mobile apps are strong communication and marketing strategies, nothing beats email marketing. 77% of consumers reported that they prefer […]

  • 4 Blog Tips for Real Estate

    Real Estate Blogging

    As a real estate agent there is a lot of competition for web site traffic. You are competing with other agents, brokers, and national sites for visitors. Blogging is one the strongest and most cost effective real estate marketing strategies for bringing visitors to your site over others. Below are some tips to help you […]

  • Lead Nurturing for REALTORS® with Email Marketing

    Real Estate Lead Nurturing

    Our customers have often told us that most of the people that they meet aren’t ready to buy or sell right away. This is where lead nurturing with email marketing enters the picture. Just because someone isn’t ready to buy or sell right then doesn’t mean that they aren’t a lead. A strong lead nurturing […]