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  • 3 Ways Real Estate agents can grow their email list

    Real Estate Email Marketing List

    When it comes to Real Estate Email Marketing growing your email list is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our agents. This is a valid concern! All email lists will shrink over time. People close email accounts, opt-out because they are no longer interested or simply stop reading your emails. In order to […]

  • 4 Tips to get Real Estate Agents started with Email Marketing

    Many of our new real estate agents are intimidated by the thought of email marketing. They have a lot of questions and concerns. What do I email about? Where do I get my list of email addresses? How many/how often should I send? Should I promote my listings And many more questions. So we thought […]

  • 3 Tips to get the most out of your Virtual Tour Pictures

    Virtual Tours are a funny thing in the real estate industry. Some agents will tell you that a “real” tour must have panoramic photos. Others will swear that you must have music, or professional photography or links to the county courthouse records that show that cousin Mable married Jimmy so and so. You get the […]

  • 4 Reasons Text Messaging Works for REALTORS®

    Real Estate Text Messaging

    Text Messaging for REALTORS® Text messaging has been in use by some real estate agents for years. While others have tended to shy away from it. Below are some of the reasons that our clients like it Phone Number Capture – With Text Messaging the agent instantly captures the phone number of the person texting […]

  • 4 Benefits of Email Marketing for Real Estate

    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Many of our clients ask us what the benefits to email marketing are. So we thought we would outline them below. Keep in touch with your client base – The number one benefit of email marketing to real estate agents is that it keeps you in touch with your existing client base. This keeps you […]

  • AOL DMARC Policy

    Real Estate Email Marketing

    A few weeks ago I wrote about Yahoo updating their DMARC policy and how this would affect emails delivery if you use a email address. Well, it looks like AOL has followed suit and done the same thing. This means that if you are using an email address for business purposes you are […]

  • Using a email address

    Real Estate Email Marketing

    Late Friday afternoon (April 4, 2014) Yahoo made a change to their authentication policy for people sending emails from email addresses. Without getting into the technical details, Yahoo has turned on a new authentication policy that allows it to say that emails can only come from email servers. This means that if […]

  • Real Estate Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

    Is real estate email marketing effective? If email marketing is done consistently, absolutely! How many times have you found out somebody listed their home with another agent or referred a friend to someone else because they didn’t think of you at the time? Stay in front of your sphere with content that engages them and […]

  • Real Estate Email Marketing Overview

    Below is an overview of the Digital Home Info Real Estate Email Marketing Platform. It briefly touches on the features and unique offerings of Digital Home Info. Some of the Email Marketing Features include: Automated Email Marketing (We create and send one email a month for you) Easy to use Create Your Own Email Templates […]