How to Insert Photos into Email Marketing Campaigns

For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to assume that you are already working on an email campaign and that you are on the HTML editor/designer page.

To use a photo in your email marketing campaign click on the photo icon.  It is the last icon on the right in the bottom row of the email editor menu bar.

Real Estate Email Marketing Editor

This will bring up the “Image Properties” dialog.

Email Marketing File Browser Dialog

At this point you have two options.  You can use a photo from your photo gallery (which displays all of the photos you have already uploaded) or you can upload a new photo.

Photo Gallery

To use a photo from the gallery click on the “Browse Server” button.  This will bring up the photo gallery.

Email Marketing Photo Gallery

Click on the “Select” link under the desired image. This places the select image in the “Image Properties” window.

Email Marketing Real Estate Header

At this point you can adjust the size of the image, add a border and change the alignment.  Once done editing the properties press the “OK” button and the image is inserted in to your email.

Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

Upload Photo

Click on the “Upload” tab in the “Image Properties” dialog box.

Real Estate Email Marketing File Upload

Click the “Choose File” button, browse and select the desired photo.  Once you have selected your photo press the “Send it to the Server” button.

Save Real Estate Email Marketing Image

This will take us back to the “Image Properties” screen.  Where we can adjust the size, border and alignment of the image.

Real Estate Email Marketing Image Uploader

When done press the “OK” button to insert it into your email.

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About the Author:

Adam Small is the CEO of Connective, LLC, which owns Connective Mobile and Digital Home Info. Connective Mobile is a text messaging solution offering group texting, subscription management, both SMS and MMS, and a robust API that's integrated as a third party solution for major marketing technology platforms. Digital Home Info is a Real Estate Marketing Platform that provides lead generation, digital marketing and CRM services to the real estate industry.