Real Estate Call Capture

Real Estate Call Capture

Photo Courtesy of Gregg O'Connell

Did you know that you can record your own voice message to be played on the toll free real estate call capture system? This is a great way to personalize the marketing of your listing. While we offer the latest and greatest marketing technologies we still get a substantial amount of traffic on the real estate toll free marketing system.

Follow the steps below to record your own message.

Login to your DHI account.

Click on the “Listings” tab in the top menu.

Click on the “Edit” link for your selected listing.

This brings you to the “Edit Property Code” page.  The third tab from the left is “Voice Message”  click on it.

Select the radio button for the number you want the system to call you at (or enter your own in the text box).

Press the “Call Me” button.

A temporary screen will display informing you that the system will be calling you shortly at the number selected.  This page will redirect after 5 seconds to the edit page.

Answer your phone when it rings.  The system will prompt you to begin your message.  To end recording your message just be silent for 5 seconds or press the pound button.

After you have recorded your message the system will play it back for your approval.  Press one to approve the message.

A couple of tips:

Although your message can be as long as you like we recommend you keep it under 90 seconds.  This will help you get the most pertinent information to the caller and keep their attention.

Write out a short script and practice it a few times before you actually record the message.

Call the system and listen to it after you have recorded your message.  This is a quality check just to verify that it sounds like you want it to.

Include “Press 1 for more information” or “Press one to talk to an agent” at the end of the message.  This will connect the caller to your mobile number.

Include the Virtual Tour URL in your message.


About the Author:

Adam Small is the CEO of Connective, LLC, which owns Connective Mobile and Digital Home Info. Connective Mobile is a text messaging solution offering group texting, subscription management, both SMS and MMS, and a robust API that's integrated as a third party solution for major marketing technology platforms. Digital Home Info is a Real Estate Marketing Platform that provides lead generation, digital marketing and CRM services to the real estate industry.